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Reconstruction of the Dam

A brief Sketch of Warrant Article 20

The 1878 Dam which forms the Drew Mill pond in Union is in need of work.

  • 2012 - 2016: UVCA hires an Engineering Firm, does preliminary surveys and hydrology studies, ready to file with the NH Dam Bureau for a Permit to Reconstruct the dam.
  • December 2016: UVCA Board asks the Wakefield Selectmen for Town help in the reconstruction, since the pond is a source of water to fight fires and a habitat for birds and humans to enjoy. Selectmen are receptive and encourage us to petition a warrant article.
  • Warrant Article is written with advise from the Town Administrator
  • Budget Committee opposes the Warrant Article, asserting that the non-profiut UVCA is "private."
  • February 12, 2017: Opposition at the Deliberative Session, but those present vote to put the Article forward.
  • March 16: Voters approve the Article
  • April: Selectmen receive negative opinion from Richard Sager, Town Attorney, who asserts equivalency between UVCA and lakefront owners associations elsewhere in Wakefield.
  • May 24: Union and other Wakefield residents attend Selectmen's meeting to dispute this representation of the facts.
  • June 1: NH Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) writes Selectmen, disallowing the Warrant Article funds as being "private."
  • June 9: UVCA writes DRA to appeal, also writes Selectmen to dispute Attorney Sager's opinion
  • June 13: DRA replies to UVCA that Selectmen may ask for a review of the DRA opinion.
  • June 28: UVCA and others attend Selectmen's meeting and are told that Town cannot help, "following advise of Town Attorney."

From the December 2016 Selectmen's meeting

From the June 14 2017 Meeting

June 28 Metting
William Denley and others speak in favor of the "public purpose" of the Dam Reconstruction

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Photo of Drew Mill from Front

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