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1910 Postcard of Lower Falls in Union
The Drew Mill Dam Built circa 1878
The "Lower Falls" Dam originally powered a woolen mill

Built in the late 1870's, the Lower Falls Dam was one of 5 dams on the Branch River in Union Village. It survives (the "Upper Falls" Dam having been removed by the Siemon Company in 2014) as the only remaining dam in the Village. Arthur Taft first used the lower dam to power a woolen mill. That mill burned in 1908 and soon thereafter, Lyle Drew erected another mill building, turning out a variety of wood products, including children's toys. In 1977 Jack Bowker purchased the dam and mill and refurbished both, generating electricity which was sold to Public Service of New Hampshire. The dam and mill were eventually sold to the Charles P. Rogers Co., a furniture business in New York, with hopes that it would be further updated. This proved not to be possible. Years of neglect led to a "letter of deficiency" from the NH Department of Environmental Services'

Dam Bureau. This resulted in the dam's gate being opened and the scenic pond drained. Residents of Union, and Wakefield generally, were dismayed at this and set about finding ways to restore the dam once again. This led to talks between the UVCA and the Charles P. Rogers Company about the possibility of donating the dam and mill to the residents of Union. In December of 2011, the Charles P. Rogers Company donated the dam and mill to the UVCA, which has recently received its 501(c) 3 status from the IRS as a non-profit organization. More important was their donation of seed money to begin the process of refurbishing the dam and the mill building, which will eventually become a Museum bearing the name of Morris Marshall, a family member of the C.P. Rogers Company.

Photo of Drew Mill from Front

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